Gisli Magna

Gisli Magna Gisli Magna
Gisli Magna has worked professionally as a musician in Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands and the UK, where he was last based before moving to Denmark in 2008.
His main focus as a musician has been on singing, in different styles, from classical choir singing, to pop, jazz, close harmony and more. Through choir singing he's had the opportunity to work with musicians like Björk and the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, amongst others. Along his singing Gisli has worked on different musical projects as a musical arranger, both in Iceland and in Denmark, the last one being a popular prime time television show called AllStars which was hosted on television station TV2.
He also graduated recently from The Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen as a certified teacher in the Complete Vocal Technique, a technique developed through research by Cathrine Sadolin.

Gisli verzorgt samen met Katja Maria Slotte de zangweek CVT, die van 2 t/m 7 mei 2011 gegeven zal worden.